Naan Bread

Traditionally baked butter naan made here fresh in our special tandoor clay oven

  • 2.99Plain Butter Naan
  • 3.99Garlic Cilantro Naan
  • 3.99Garlic Herbal Naan
  • 5.45Paneer Cheese Naan
  • 5.45Badami Maan
  • 5.45Coconut Naan
  • 2.99Roti
  • 5.99Onion Naan
  • 5.99Aloo or Plain Pratha

Tandoori Dishes

Fresh cuts marinated with special herbs, spices and yogurt, baked in the tandoor oven. Served with sautéed onions, bell peppers, cabbage and carrots.

  • 17.95Paneer Cheese Tandoori
    Marinated Cheese with Himalayas herbs.
  • 17.95Chicken Tikka Tandoori
    Boneless chicken breast.
  • 22.95Lamb Boti Kabab
    Marinated Lamb in spices.
  • 20.95Salmon Tandoori
    Boiled Salmon fish filet in the tandoor.
  • 20.95Shrimp Tandoori
    Jumbo shrimp marinated
  • 24.95Mixed Tandoori
    A combination great combination.